Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday...yes please!

Oh so it's that lovely day of the week it is. Grey day in Joburg too. Great, because I can wear my cool tweed blazer! (Simple pleasures)
It sure does.
What are the plans this weekend you beauties? I'd love to snuggle up on my bed or couch with one of my great warm blankies and stay there until Monday.

Before I wish you a bon weekend. Okay, let me wish you now too. Happy weekend. But here's some wonderful advice, that I need to hear desperately,take to heart and carry in my heart everyday.

I've been super effective this Friday morning. I've prepped a zucchini soup(new recipe adventure. I'm just trying it out, but I fear it may be a winner.) Made a delicious and revitalizing green smoothie for breakie. I haven't popped all my vitamins, but I'm wading my way through my requisite supply. Sent some emails, getting my blog on and then I think I can sufficiently venture on to face my day and finish my handover for the job that was not meant for me. That is such a hard truth to accept and admit without feeling like the world's biggest failure.

That said, I think it's far better and I'm learning far braver to go out there and be who I am meant to be.

Your dreams are out there, no wait, they're in there, in you. Just reach in and touch them and then when you get braver, grab them and go go go!

Sending sunshine, smiles and faith your way.

Happy weekend lovelies


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