Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Flat tyre

Last night after my beautiful nephew's 9th birthday dinner, as I was leaving I discovered I had a flat tyre. Not really what one is after, after a long Monday when you've been up and down from meeting to meeting and when you have a good 50 odd kilometres to drive to get home... But flat tyre it was. My run flat tyre, well it ran flat! So I slept over, which is always a mission when you don't have your own creature comforts and you'r so used to running your life, then things like this happen that are beyond your control. So I just took a deep breath and went to sleep. Great sleep too.

Woke up with a sore throat with an intensity of a million cacti simultaneously filing up my throat as well as jumping in it. Clearly I need a little yoga, but more than that, as yoga has taught, I need speak up. More so, speak my truth.

This I know to be true.

More than that what I learnt from my flat tyre experience is that I, me,myself and I, we are all a little run down. Running a lot flat at the moment and that I need to slow down and just perhaps park under the shade for even just a day.

How are you all doing?


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