Monday, December 9, 2013

Pottering about

Though I didn't work it like a supermodel, I too rocked it pared down for the airport. Definitely no make up, but I don't model for CK in spare time. hihi

So I am exhausted after getting off a flight from Lagos this morning. It's too short to get decent sleep, but long enough for you to doze off fitfully, so I got back in this morning, slipped on my pj's and had a little nap before I had to head out and get ready for work.

Blooming marvellous. Every little bit

As I struggled to get out of bed on this beautiful overcast morning, it really had me thinking about time off work and how I'm going to spend it in my house and what I'm going to add where.

I'm going to be hitting my local nursery and spending some serious time there getting me hands wonderfully dirty. I'm perhaps going to get them to help me with my attempts at a successful terranium too... Mmm so excitesies!

I've got some allergies to pollen, but this article got me a thinking. Doesn't a girl just luurve some options.

It's been a looong year, so how are you going to relax and soothe your body and soul?! I love getting back to nature, even if it's bringing it inside and outside my house in this case.

Monday...16 Days till Christmas!! Eeek! Excited!


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