Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Simply Tuesday

I am on a mission these days. To do more of what makes me happy. To simplify, or rather more than simplify to unclutter my life. More myself on the inside. By golly I think I making good progress here. Letting go and leaving room for amazing to take its place.

That's what we should do right. Leave more room for amazing to take its rightful place in our lives. Leave room for sparkle too. Glitter makes everything awesome!!

We owe it to ourselves. Well I know I owe it to myself to get more in tune with what I need and deserve. Generally that is a whole lot of happy and free. On the inside, because on the outside I do a great job of keeping together.

Bless my darling boyfriend, because he is dealing with a very and almost randomly tearful girlfriend lately. He is so lovely with the tears though that just seem to pop up in his life these days. Makes me feel even better and then want to cry even more. Getting more in touch with tears as well as happy tears. Goodness! It's lovely!

Lovelies. Feel! Keep it simple! LOVE!with everything you have. ENJOY!! Smile, laugh,cry!


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