Thursday, October 24, 2013

You better recognise!

Boys are so slow. I saw my ever gorgeous friend/ little sister last night. I was with one of my guy friends and she was coming over and my guy friend (he's taken, but not blind) says, she's gorgeous! Yes she is! But all these moronic guys don't see it.

WAKE up you morons. The girl of your dreams might eventually give up and stop waiting for you to notice her. She knows she's worth the chase and she knows that you're worth a slower pace, but why don't you open your eyes and realise. Recognise this gem. Why are you putting all that energy into that person you say you're not really interested in? My perennial question when it comes to guys... You spend all this time and energy going for the "it" girl, the "hot" girl, but you say it's the girl you don't want.

Then you make these cursory gestures towards the one you say is for you?! Really mate?! For real.

Go for what you really want. Put in effort for what you want. No one promised it would be easy, but they did say it would be worth it. So they say...

Just go for what you want. What's with the excuses man?!

You better recognise. Otherwise I encourage her to walk on by!

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