Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Wednesday walkies

Is there anything more wonderful than holding a child's hand?

I've been looking forward to this day since Monday when the bestie and I decided on today as a date to see her and the little bunnies. I haven't seen them in TWO whole weeks and hon-aunty here is getting a lot cranky. Need to see those little babes. They're growing so fast, I don't know what the hurry is.

A tutu for my fave two.

So the plan is we're taking them for a walk this afternoon. Walking and babes. Hello, two of the loveliest things ever. I haven't loved little bunnies this much since my nephews were born. My two special little bestlets. Love them, maybe because I love their mother so. No really, I looked at them and held one just over 24 hours after they were born and I was done, they stole my heart and I don't want it back.

Important life lessons.

Well since these are the first little twin girls I've had in me lifey as an aunty, it's a whole new ball game. They are always looking amazing and well they just have the basic babe adorable factor to boot, so as responsible aunties, I feel it is our duty to rock up looking presentable for the bestie bunnies.

Girls this Marc, Marc, the girls. Girls your Mamma and Aunts enjoy Marc's treasures. (We'll introduce you)

So this is my ideal "taking the babes for a walk outfit..." Well more than one, because as they need to know, a girl needs options. Also the one thing I won't be wearing is perfume. My bestlets need to know what I smell like.

Stripes are great for developing their eye sight, and if it rains, they're covered!
Soft fabrics and pockets for babe paraphenalia
We love gold and brogues and shorts. Form and function here.

Converse chic and flowers. Need we say more.

A little pazza over print. (pazza is crazy in italian)

Can't wait to walk later.


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