Monday, October 28, 2013


The amount of carbs ingested is directly proportional to the amount of frustration I feel. When I'm sad, hunger does not feature, but get me frustrated and I want to chomp away. Could almost eat white bread, but nothing ever gets that bad!

Ignorami frustrate me. Lack of efficiency really drains me. I'm feeling really annoyed today. I have to truly accept that I am not a great line tower. Really rules need not apply,especially when they make not sense and people use them just as some f'd up parameter to hold people within, for reasons beyond my knowledge. A lot of people are not leaders in corporations, they merely have been given the authority to sign off rules. Grr!!

I know that I need to really work for myself one day, because I really am not about this life.

Do I take a leap of faith or bide my time and bite my tongue? It's a tough one, but I think I may just go for the former at this point. Why, because it's the best idea for now.

It's a grey day in Joho; pathetic fallacy much?! I need to have a gruelling exercise session. I want to sweat out this anger and frustration more than anything.Boxing would be so fulfilling right now, but I have ballet instead.

This is Monday, let's move on from this to a fantastic Monday evening and a great week ahead.


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