Saturday, September 28, 2013

On pointe

Well that's the plan I have for my weekend. Starting out with my ballet exam that's now thankfully over. Yikes and yeeha!

If I looked this good...One day....
I'm looking forward to some down time. Some cooking, some baking maybe. Some biscuits perhaps. Who knows. I'd love to do some gardening, but I'll have to perhaps move that over to next weekend. The key here is not to overload myself. I'm very conscious of chilling out. This is what weekends are for.

I'd love to paint some pots for my house...

I will no doubt be heading to the FNB Joburg Art Fair 2013 today. Can't wait to see what's there. Just to walk around and be around it all.

Well sad news just in, a call from my mother to say that my Ouma, my gran's sister and my mom's favourite aunt has just passed on this morning. Such sad news,but I am so so glad she is not suffering anymore. Her body was slowly just breaking down, but I had the super sad feeling that her soul was not at peace. I am so glad that she has let go and let GOD(by whatever name we call His Holy name).She was a fighter and she fought till the end. Rest in Peace Ouma.

Wishing you all a super weekend. Mine has now taken a different turn, but I think it really is about celebration. Celebration of a very very full life lived. Celebration of the wide and varied family we come from. This side of the family is Muslim and so they must bury by sunset today. There is such strange beauty in these kinds of rituals and I count myself very lucky to be able to experience all these different rites.

Also just makes you reflect on life and how you live it.Take stock on how far we've come and just how long life may be, but the days are short. Love abundantly and forgive quickly.Really love to the depths of your soul and appreciate all the beauty that abounds in your life. The people we love will make mistakes, as do we. You just have to decide what your limit of tolerance is, but do it peacefully, because our struggles are all  different and not all too apparent.

some sagesse from these bunnies...

Just don't forget the love. Tell the truth. Please tell the truth.

I watched a movie and the title was, "Someday this pain will be useful to you." I kinda liked that. Makes sense doesn't it? More than anything though, another thing it is saying is not only that let go of the pain, but also reminding that life is not over, because it is not going well at that moment. This too shall pass. Take the lesson and learn it well.

Wishing you a weekend filled to the brim of you and what you want to do and who you love. Live this beautiful life you have. Oh and kiss a little kid's cheek and hold someone's hand. Hug someone tight and I hope they hold onto you like they never want to let go. I hope time stands still while you enjoy a precious moment. Talk, I mean real talk with those you love. Open your hearts and and your mouths. The hardest conversations often make your life a lot easier in the long run. The benefits far outweigh the initial distress.

Don't forget to be in pursuit of magic.

Sending you all sunshine and smiles


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