Friday, September 20, 2013

It's that time again

Beautiful thirst quencher...
Since this morning, it really has been F! This o'clock  for me. True story. I just wanted to stay home and work on my balcony garden and make my house look pretty and empty out my cupboards.

It's the weekend. I'm off to people I barely know for a drink, whilst I while away time before I have to head to dinner in about 2 hours. This should be interesting.

The boys love Lego. These wooden ones are amazing.

It's my twin nephews' birthday party tomorrow, so that's what will fill my day tomorrow. Smiles and happiness to me.

Have an awesome weekend you beauties. I'm going to make sure I get some rest  this weekend. See my rentals and give my Daddy a big squeeze (which secretly is more for me, than him.)

This is the new look I'd love to rock...Am I brave enough?

Thinking of changing my hair. If I can't take a holiday at least. Wonder if I'll do it this weekend or next? But I need a change. Wonder if this look will work on me...Mm...

Have an awesome weekend you beauties.


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