Thursday, September 12, 2013


Where am I going? Yes it's one of those weeks. WOW! Spring is really sticking true to it's nature round about now. Best I keep up or fall frustratingly behind. I don't like being left behind...

Keep yourself on your toes..

When I was younger I was a planner and super organised about what I needed to do and where I was going. Hectically responsible more than my years, but as I inched into my mid twenties, I staged a rebellion, internal at first, then everyone felt the change. I decided to enjoy my youth, minus some of the undue burden of some of the responsibilities I needn't have had.So as much as I wrote about overthinking yesterday, I'm better now than I used to be. Scary thought.

As I am quite comfortably in my 30's now. A week in to be exact. I've realised that there is a lot more that I don't fret about. Because honestly it is beyond my control. While I can languish hours of attention on the minutiae, really often there is more to life than that and I am so grateful to the beautiful people I have in my life who fill my heart with love and light and remind me just how important that is.

note to self...

Lately it's been about career and a little about love, which just came and blindsided me  quite frankly, when I was getting pretty settled in this super single life that I'd established. Not rushing into anything though, because I still want to get some sort of map or in the absence thereof at least develop a rudimentary one of my own. Teehee! Guess all roads lead to my heart and his I guess...We'll see right. As Bailey so aptly puts it, "It will if it must." That's just the point isn't it right. She gives me the most wonderful perspective and so simply put.

Career, could be a little easier. It's far more tangible right? But super gut wrenching, future finance thinking, future offspring rearing wondering, future husband cooking and future home decor considering. Also it's all about fulfillment for me. I am currently going through the interview motions again and honestly I'm in that space where I'm like if not now then when do I take the leap of faith to do what I want to do and have always dreamt of doing? Now? I've decided however, to take the pay check for a few months, maybe a couple of years longer, while I set up my dreams.

It's heavy this direction and future stuff. Don't really have too much control over it though. Important note to selves.

Wherever we are all headed or thinking about going.

May we all head in the direction of our dreams. That's where I'm going.


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