Friday, August 9, 2013

Women's Day

So today is a public holiday here in the S of A. Women's Day and August is Women's month. Okay so while I'm sure we're enjoying a Friday off, I must say I'm a little iffy that we need a day and an entire month to dedicated to women. Frankly, I think we should have every day. Not in the, every day should be valentine's day way (puke in a bucket), but in that we should really just feel how special women are every day. There is so much to us that is so fantastic.

I was reminded of just how special and beautiful women are and how amazing it is to be a woman, when I went to see my darling friend and her beautiful babes. Is there anything more amazing about being a woman than getting to carry, birth, breastfeed and raise your beautiful babes into amazing women and men. My friend has her mom, who really is super woman! #Truestory Not to mention her super sorted sisters. In the years that I have known her, which feels like far more years than the actual number, she really has made me truly appreciate being a girl. She is one of the loveliest girls I know. I am so amazed and honoured to now see the beauty of her being a Mom to two special little girls. This is what being a woman is about.

In the same breath I've watched my cousin (who is more part mom, part older sis to me) raise my 3 gorgeous nephews (my boys and my loves) with a fierce love that is unparalleled. Great moms, cuddle and raise great boys who grow into great men.

It is a beautiful thing. Being a girl is great, least of all, because we get to wear dresses.

I think it is important to celebrate the people we are though. Whether woman or man. We are who are, not only, because of what we do, but because of the people we are closest to and choose to fill our lives and hearts with. We are amazing women, not only, because we have great moms, grans, sisters, girlfriends, but because we have great dads, granddads,husbands, brothers, boyfriends, guy friends. People help other people be great. Don't you forget it now.

It's Friday. Indulge your whims. Languish in a a long embrace, cook something delicious (perhaps this applies to me), get your hair did (I'm doing mine right now)...

Happy weekend peeps



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