Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wednesday Wardrobe

So I don't have a boyfriend, but if I did, I'd hope he has amazing jeans, because while I've been all about boyfriend blazers for the longest time, boyfriend jeans are definitely creeping onto my wardrobe must have list.
White tee with everything.
I'm not a big jean fan in general, maybe because my hip to waist ratio is problematic and I think tailoring denim is disastrous at best,but I tried on an ex's and I realised, perhaps I've been shopping in the wrong section all along. They made my bum look rather cute even, to me, which is a really tall ask!

Keeping it cute and unstructured.

While I've found a few pairs of skinnies, which have been a staple, I think I need to cast my eye into the other section of the store. Though I must admit, I'd actually like my boyfriend jeans to come from my boyfriend. Then they are a wardrobe item with sentimental value. Looking cute in your man's clothes, double joy!

Would it be overkill if I paired the jeans with a boyfriend shirt.?..

This article really helped give me a little clued up on useful outfit pairings. Comfort and cute, and never ever forget a touch of chic.

Wearing your boyfriend or your hubby's clothes is like an endless cuddle. And that is just lovely and amazing.


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