Friday, August 16, 2013

Walk this way weekend ;)

Weekend wardrobe inspiration...
Yeeha!! It's that time of the week again. Thank goodness. What a week! I want to just put my feet up and really drink a glass of damn good bubbles.

Pretty peonies...Would love to learn to plant them from here

While I'm not lucky enough to have a beautiful bouquet of flowers delivered to my door or my office from a dashing admirer, I will probably put the wishful thinking aside and fill up my vases.

Love the planters

Found some great inspiration for my bedroom balcony. Might do a version of this, if not this weekend then sometime soon.

Thinking of the precious little pumpkins. I saw them on Monday and it feels like eons ago. I'd love to see them now that I know their perfect little names, though the temptation is still there to call them Twin 1 and Twin 2. They're just my little bestlets. Love them.

How cute are these shoes. Would love to get them for them. Then also torn, because if they could fit in them it would mean they've grown and I want them to be little for a lot longer. Magical little people grow so fast.

I'm not one prone to anger much. Irritation yes, but anger, I like to steer clear of. Especially as I grow older and realise that there really are other ways to go about it. I watched my ex boyfriend shout at his wife last weekend in full view of a party (not that it would have been better in private) and it's really bothered me on so many levels. Just the genuine disregard and disrespect for someone he's taken vows to honour, watching him lose control like that over something which really could not have been such an issue. It has made me inexplicably sad. I see him in such a different light.

Also then I was incensed like, lady why would you accept that. Also what hurt the most was the lack of what I would call love, respect, concern,inexhaustible kindness (to yourself and partner) protection, understanding and tolerance between the both of them. Note to self, I view and value relationships in a different way. Also found myself equally disturbed that I also wanted to run up there and just hold him tight and calm him down. Which is definitely more not so healthy mothering role than it is a constructive adult role and let's face it, his behaviour was really just that of a child turned tantrum throwing adult. Not cool. Sad. Love each other people! Partners may not always get on, but they should always have each others backs. Maybe they should have read this.

Anyway...moving on...It's life right. I guess it was some much needed perspective for me.

Would love to try perfecting this...

Enjoy your weekend. What do you wish for yourself as you saunter into the latter part of Friday night? What awaits on this weekend people?
Some solid advise single ladies

For myself, I wish for yummy food and family time(lil sis is in town! woop). I wish to hear a newly familiar and all too thrilling voice on the other end of the voice. How about some sweet nothings thrown into that.
I wish endless beauty from the strangest of sources. Rest, a run or two and well would a little something whimsical be too much to ask for?!

Have a lovely one you beauties.


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