Monday, August 12, 2013


Public holidays and long weekends make Monday that much harder to bear. Waking up this morning was so difficult. This is totally bizarre to fathom from the girl who was up at around 6am on Sunday and happily so, but to make it to the gym this morning was a completely no go! I just file that under the guise of, "listening to my body." The funny thing is now I need a nap.

Don't I just...

This morning though I was blissfully blitzing butternut soup for my bestie, so she and hubby can have more time to hold their beautiful babes and she can make super milk for her bunnies, instead of worrying about making food. Doubly indulgent for me. Love spoiling those I love and care for and I love making soup.

Then the highlight of my day came with what was supposed to be a quick drop off and back to the office, but I was lucky enough to see her and one precious little twinlet awake. Lunch time for the babes too. So special and they are even more beautiful than when I last watched them sleeping on Thursday last week.

I wonder what this new week has in stall for us. It seems August is bringing with its windy self, some winds of change as well. Looking forward to it. Lots of hard work ahead though I have a feeling, so best I get lots of rest.

Do you know what's popped into my head lately, when last did I ever get flowers sent to me.I remember with my first serious boyfriend, how spoilt I was. It was such a special treat to walk into reception or come home and there was a vase and a card waiting for me. Wwow! I swear a girl could do with some good old fashioned romance sometimes. Well I guess this is the downside of the single life. Not so much, but just been having these somewhat lonely pangs lately. Flowers will fix that. I guess I'll have to go by some and woo myself. hihi.

Monday is on its way out. Thankfully a very productive morning was had and the afternoon has gone by swiftly.


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