Monday, August 26, 2013

"Keep going, keep going, keep going..."

Okay so it's Monday. So what?! My week usually starts on a Sunday...I like to trick myself...Some people close to me are feeling a little down lately and we all get there. Into our own lil funk sometimes and don't we know it. While it is important to move on, sometimes standing still and just a little moment of dwelling is necessary. You have to remember just how you don't want to feel a certain way ever again, so best to test the waters of wallowing a little to see just how much you are alright without hanging out there too long.

If nothing else, "I think we all need a Pep talk,"

And this little gem of a poem from this gem of a child...

Kids are awesome and they really make a whole lotta sense.

"Loves changes everything, so fill the world with it." -Kid President

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