Wednesday, August 7, 2013



So how do you feel about lists? I love lists. Yesterday someone wrote down a checklist on a serviette for me and I had a moment. #truestory Felt a little like a scene from a romantic movie, but clearly it wasn't, but I wanted to freeze that very moment and treasure it for the magic it was. I should put that on my life list, "Don't rush through a moment, you'll miss out on some of its magic."

I've been thinking about matters of the heart lately, as I do sometimes. Got me thinking, do you ladies and guys actually have a checklist for your potential partner?

I know I don't have one per se, but there are things I'd like I'm sure. Like my wishlist I'm sure.

* Should I start with tall...

  • Interesting as he is interested
  • Must be super smart
  • Preferably a little geeky/nerdy, but the quirky kind
  • Kind eyes
  • And an even kinder heart
  • Lovely hands
  • Should like to hold hands
  • Children should like him
  • Find me funny
I don't know really. Can you really make a list. I think when you meet the right person, the list writes itself. You just tick check on the virtual tick box in your heart, discovering things you like in a person that you only realise are important as you get to know this person.

I'm just down for finding the person who speaks to your heart. When you know you know. Don't you think?

Go out there and live and enjoy. Write a list of amazing things you want to do today. Who do you want to see? Get an amazing hug, a really tight, hold on for all you can kinda hug.

Let us all amuse ourselves and write our lists, shopping lists, check lists, to do lists, life plans, but perhaps we should remember that everything is unfolding as it should...

Do you! Put that on everything.


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