Friday, August 23, 2013


and amused...

Yesterday it dawned on me that it is only 2 weeks until my birthday! Wow! How did you get here so fast?! I'm kinda stuck somewhere between February and July in my head, but heya, we're hurtling through August already. Next week it ends! Wow!

It's the weekend and boy oh boy am I glad for that. Been a pretty productive week on all fronts, which is good. Me likes productive.

My mantra this week has been, "If you keep doing what you've always done, you'll get what you always got." Maybe mantra is a bit much, but this tune has been playing in my head for a bit now and it has just got increasingly louder over the past week. Is it not true though? While I'm a fan of routine, I think I'm suffering more from its not so friendly family member RUTine! Not so dandy.

So this tune just pops into my head most mornings this week. Which has helped me get my ass into exercise gear a little more often. Small victories. I'm enjoying the little moments of happiness and accomplishment for now. Getting lost is an awesome way to find your way.

Perhaps lost is just a synonym for letting go perhaps. More and more it feels like it.

Whatever it is...

Mm...plans for the weekend...No real plans. Ooh to curl up on my couch and watch something engrossing. Cheska and Bailey were telling me that I have to watch The Fixer known as Scandal everywhere else in the world. Getting my hands on that this weekend. Lots of errands, but I'll work my way through those. Thinking I need some leisure in my weekend. Probably might do a little work too. Kinda behind on some personal emails. I suspect there are some gems hidden in there.

Have an awesome weekend errbody! My week has been filled with highs and lows this weekend, but I've had a good look at myself too, which has been awesome.

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