Thursday, August 8, 2013

As you are...

I've had a most marvelous and interesting week and it's only Thursday. It has my mind and my heart in a lot of places.

Also has me thinking about the people we meet and our preconceived ideas about how we treat life and certain situations. I said something yesterday that I now find quite sage to even myself (yes I did). I said, "noone comes to us perfectly packaged."

I love gift wrapping and admittedly my gifts always have one corner that is not completely aligned or the tissue paper spills over, but I just find it to be my little quirk. The truth is that I am really proud of what is inside the packaging and that is what I've put the real effort into. Buying a gift that is really like that person or something I know they'll love and will let them know just how much I treasure them.

Does this then not apply to people we meet, love and care for too? What's inside is what matter the most right.

The truth is in love, we see the imperfect perfectly. Is that not what they say? What is perfection anyway, it's all relative I say.

All wrapped up in a lot of love.

Noone knows what is in a package until we open it and that is where the beauty lies. Savour it and treasure it.


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