Friday, July 12, 2013


Patience is a virtue they say. Patience is a process. One that we all need to learn and relearn more often that we realise. We are often moving at such a pace, chasing who the heck knows what and rushing. That is my pet hate, rushing. I am usually in an awful mood if I have to start the day out by rushing. Just ruins my dojo(daily mojo).

Worth the wait :)

With the ever growing excitement as my darling friend's bump grows even more, the wait for the twinlets is ever nearer. I read this beautiful article just to understand more about what she may be going through in these last few weeks and how best to support her as she inches her way to giving birth to her two beauties. Did I mention...TWINLETS, I CANNOT WAIT TO MEET YOU. I love you already. In this article Jana Studelska, borrows from German to actually name the period of the last few weeks of pregnancy. She named this waiting period zwischen which means between in English. Don't you just love the onomatopaeia? I can here the general swooshing of time, passing as, one waits for a new change in life to come.

I don't think this is really strictly restricted to waiting for the immense miracle of giving birth. I just have this inkling that every so often we find ourselves in a place where we are in between.

Between being single and being a girlfriend, between being a girlfriend and being a wife, between attracted and madly in love. Between the in between job and doing what you were meant to do. Between anxious and ecstatic...There are so many...

Now I've often been talking about procrastination and extolling the virtues of the lack thereof, but more and more, I am seeing the beauty in just waiting, not procrastinating,but waiting. Taking a moment, to just be in between, because the truth is, you will not likely be there, as you are again. There is beauty, truth, angst, love, life in that. Also as I've been stuck waiting I've often felt that sometimes things just seem to settle more and I find some sense and comfort in the stillness.

Ooh wee, it's Friday. Yes please! Let's all try and just move a little easier and savour the moments. Whisper, whistle, while away hours with those whom you love and warm your soul. Oh and wait... it is a secret little luxury we can allow ourselves more often than we do. 

WAIT...all the while, keeping strong in the faith that it will be worth.

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