Friday, July 26, 2013

Of besties and babies...

My darling friend, Bailey, gloriously and beautifully pregnant.
So the joys of friendship lie in many moments of magic, but this friendship for me is far more special than any I've had in my life. I treasure it so fiercely that I usually refrain from talking about on my blog. That and I'm just a little selfish with my friend.

These have been the best of months living and learning the beautiful nuances of pregnancy. I'll never forget when she told me she was pregnant, she was wearing sky scraper heels, a gorgeous, ruched, fitted skirt and a shirt tucked in. Looking like she'd just stepped off a NYC catwalk and not like someone who had not one, but TWO little cublets in her barely there bump. I burst into tears! Yes people, when you I am bursting with love and happiness and I have no words to express what I'm feeling, I burst into crazy little joyful sobs.(note this came as a surprise to me too.) I've been happy ever since, oh and I've shopped a little too. Little people clothes are so cute. All their stuff is amazing really.

Because, babies are best. So as Bailey and I sat around her kitchen table on Wednesday afternoon, drinking tea and eating cake, as we do. I thought to myself, I had this feeling in fact, that this is truly so special, because, as we sit around this table in her beautiful apartment, nursery complete, hospital bags packed, 1 day from 37 weeks preggers, any day now, it will be us plus babes. I'm so happy, because we can have one each! This is one of the most precious gifts of our friendship, that I get to watch this glorious woman grow into being a mother. (oh dear the tears are back again). She got pregnant and I think I picked up some of the emotions and cravings.

I am so happy for these two little cublets that I am so EXCITED to meet. I am totally in love already. I love babies, but I will love these more than most babies, because, well they are my besties'. I am so honoured to have the most amazing honour of being their Honourary Aunty T.

This is so amazing and beautiful and wonderful and precious.

Miraculous and magical.


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