Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Today is Tuesday

Don't think I did too badly..from here
 Suffering a little from post long weekend blues I am, but not all too badly. Still have a life admin list as long as my arm, perhaps my whole body, to get through, but I guess I'll get there bit by bit.

Just get stuff done, even if you're not complaining, don't procrastinate!

I hope you're all having a magical week so far. I've still got a blegh hangover, but I'm feeling much better.

Need a new outlook or is it new outfits?! Mm...

Print on print! Yes please!

In my mind, this is what I'm wearing today and I'll be going to meet a tall, handsome, funny, quirky, loving, kind, intelligent, man, who just gets it. And well, he just gets me.

As I said it's all in my head.

The magic is out there people!! Go find it!


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