Wednesday, June 12, 2013

"Remember to remember..."

Pretty peonies from here

Though sometimes, somethings we really really would rather forget. I heard this whilst I happened onto an audio of The Secret. I don't know what else was said, but this line really stuck out... "Remember to remember..."

In South Africa and probably the rest of the world, we are all pretty sad and anxious about our dear statesman Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela and his frail state of health. While I can so easily say, it is best for everyone to let him go, it's easy for me to say. He is not my grandfather or my father, or my uncle or my friend, so it's seemingly easy for me to say so. But whatever happens, I think it is so so important to, "remember to remember..." him and all he has come to stand for to so many people across the globe.

Remembering keeps things, people, events alive. Memory is so key to all of who we are, have been and are going to be. Whether it is remembering past joys, past hurts, triumphs. We are the sum of all things... What this means  in its entirety I think reveals itself more and more over time.

Someone I thought I was close to really hurt me this past weekend, but once I dried my tears of deep disappointment and the sobs had subsided, I remembered...This is how she is, this is what she's always done and she has not changed. And I remembered, that I tried, I have tried, I have been trying, so this now is time for me to let go. And so I have.
Remembering is healing and it's progress. It is learning and leaning. It is joy and wonderment. It is quiet chuckles at special conversations or gurgling guffaws at favourite jokes shared with loved ones no longer here with us, but live on forever.

"Remember to remember..."

Remember to live, enjoy, savour every moment, be mesmerised by the magic, because all too soon, it will be a memory, which is equally tantalising, but not always so tangible.

Love and Light


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  1. So beautiful! I miss you. Can't wait for our breakfast tomorrow. xxx


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