Monday, June 24, 2013

Maison Monday

In my head, this is what I'm wearing today...from here
I want to be at home today. I want to do my work, but I'd prefer to be doing it from the comfort of my bed. In my comfy little apartment, making soup for my sickie, preggie bestie, baking something and rearranging furniture and cupboards.

With the bestie preggie, I swear I'm getting a strange nesting streak in me too. I also picked up the chocolate love that she'd lost when she fell preggers. I must say, I am not pregnant and nowhere near it. If I were to be pregnant I'd send my sincerest apologies to Mother Mary for not fully buying her story.

Behold my handywork...with a little assitance from kind Johannes at the nursery
As I'd blogged about on  Friday, I did attempt a little green fingeredness over the weekend. I bought and planted a little tree, my own little baby conifer for my balcony. The home garden is a-growing! Yay!

A little DIY project for me from here
 I've now been inspired to really work on the outside of my home. Thinking of putting up some wooden decking and making my own little oasis in the bustling metropolis in which I live. Since the thoughts of holidaying are far off, I need a little outdoor retreat for myself.

This is my inspiration...

I wish I could add the puppy too
  Loving the navy bench and cushion vibes. Not too sure I'd do the dark wall though on my covered patio. I think I would add a spot of gold though, not sure where yet.

Or perhaps a little terrace a la DVF ..from here

Awesome feature table perhaps? from here

Inside and out

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  1. Your style looks like a spotted street style to me every day so sure you really did look like the top pic. And thanks for the sympathy nesting! I need to get a move on and finish things up now :)

    PS. Love the ideas for outside


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