Friday, June 21, 2013


A little spot of gardening would be great...

It's almost the weekend!! It'll start in a few hours once I'm out from behind this desk and all its associated stresses.

And tomorrow...

I want to do as little as possible this weekend, but there is loads of work looming scarily over my head. It has to get done too. There has been too much meeting of my dear old frenemy, pro-crastination. So last night, I was very clear that I needed to get stuff done, so I am crazily making my way through my to-do list, which just gets far too long as a result of skipping stuff for the next day.

I would love a quiet weekend, though I know it's plenty errand filled. Though there has to be some exercise in there. At least each day. I better hop to it. Too much winter warmth for now.

A delight best shared.
 I'm also having a series of cravings, maybe being surrounded by beautiful preggies, is making me catch the craving bug. Nothing crazy, I just want a cheeseburger and some chocolate. Not too much to ask for right.

I would only eat this only...
 I want to spend some time in my kitchen too, perhaps making a soup or two. Will see how the resolve goes, if I can get myself out of being nose deep in my new book. #Littleluxuries

Slouchy and snuggly...

If you're with friends or family or luckily both this weekend, you can drop a little bit of random titbits their way from here.

Have a beautiful weekend you beauties.


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