Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Don't waste your time

Need we say more?
I don't know if this hits home as hard for the rest of you as it does for me. Wowsies!! I don't know if it's called procrastination or there must be a new word for it by now, but, oh but, there is a lot that does NOT get done in my day.

The to-do lists are now shorter to decrease the guilt at not getting through the longer lists...Really self?! Am I for real...

There is no more time. When will I realise?! Now is that time(lame and obvious it sounds, but it gets real when you hear all those swooshingsounds of life and time passing you by).

Get started, get moving, stay ready!

Honestly how much of life will I have lived whilst I stack up the "nevers"?

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