Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tuesday roasts

I'm in the mood for veggies, simply because my thighs are too near each other. Hihi...true story.

Roasted cabbage - looks yum

Feeling a little post Easter porkster! Hey maybe, it's not only the bunny of goodness that I can attribute this to, but I do feel that my slightly increased belly size, might be due to some appearance of an amazing pork belly YUM! And was that some pork jowl too? (My vegetarian sister is having a petit moment I can imagine.)

One of the many menus at The Test Kitchen

All thanks to my ever lovely Bailey for inviting us to join them at dinner at The Test Kitchen. Great company, pork,amazing experience..So who's really counting kilos?!

Bailey's choice: 5 courses please at The Test Kitchen
Bread board at The Test Kitchen

Bread and butter issues = YUM! at The Test Kitchen

Anyhoo...digress I do.

I'm a little bored lately. In the veggie department that is. I've steamed and stir fried broccoli and spinach more ways than I care too. I think Roasting is where it's at now. And I'm  going to the "less" glam veggies like cabbage for starters.

Doesn't this roasted cabbage look rather yum and so easy to make too. Perhaps I'll try it tomorrow with some fresh fish and maybe a baked sweet potatoe. Try it from here. I wonder how well this would work with red cabbage too. Guess I'll have to try.

Roasted Fennel from here

I also have a new green side dish that I discovered courtesy of Kate Liquorish's blog, UndomestiKated. This time it's that little understood veggie that kinds looks like celery, but tastes almost like liquorish...No guessing game here folks, it's fennel. Roasted fennel is a dish I discovered on her blog a few weeks ago and I've tried it twice since then. It's really distinct and lovely tasting and oh so simple. Try it out from here. So worth it. Fuss free, healthy, tasty goodness.

Get your greens on!


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