Wednesday, April 3, 2013


That's my clan name. Mother of the Elephant.(loosely translated)That is our clan animal and my favourite animal too it happens to be. Obvious perhaps, non?!

Two natural wonders...

I'm on the brink of some major changes in my life and tomorrow is an excitingly daunting day, so I stumbled onto some photos of my gorgeous ellies and I thought let me be at one with...myself in a way.


Hope you enjoy their beauty, their grace, their kindness, their bigness, but not clumsiness,their intellect, their intuitiveness and maybe just their sheer awesomeness.

Don't let go of my tail young one..I got you...

Here's some random ellie info:

* Elephants are among the most emotional creatures in the world. How sweet right? They have been known to rescue other trapped animals such as trapped dogs.
* Elephants have been known to mourn their loved ones that have passed on. (Insert sad ellie face here)
* Elephants like human toddlers can recognise themselves in the mirror. (This is pretty awesome and who thought of this idea to test this out in the first place?!)
* Elephants can get sunburn. That's why they douse themselves in sand to prevent sunburn. (I'll be sticking to SPF 40 instead of sand for now though)

So...I was sitting by the river and then...
Be mine: Elephants mate for life...
Sheer beauty.
Oh no work?! I can't look!

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