Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Just a LOT of it!

We all have some great ideas that pass through our pretty little headsies. Well... most of the time. If we really sit and think about it though, how many of these fantastic ideas ever see the light of day or as my darling Bailey would say, do they even see a "soupcon" of light? DO they? Not really right. Eek! I think I just heard my soul cry out. If I even began with one of the ideas in my head that in reality is more than viable as a real life plan, wow!! Oh the places I could go. But alas...here I sit and watch as I hold myself back. Eeek...I think my soul is beginning to wail!

Is it that ever present fear that would be the reason for inaction? I think procrastination however is the fruit of fear perhaps...slowing ourselves down, holding ourselves back from whatever dismal outcome we perceive.

Are you guys like me? I can easily believe all ambit of things that could go wrong for me. Ummm and I call myself an optimist I'll have you know. So deeply entrenched in my predetermined catastrophic outcome that I find myself standing in the worst place of all...The same spot. Right where I almost started. Having moved neither forward nor backwards, but a lot more stunted.

I hope you guys aren't like me who can so easily believe very deeply in my not so great qualities. I need a new thought process and it was supposed to be part of my Lenten "to do list", BELIEVE IN MYSELF MORE. Believe in my talents and great qualities. I really don't like compliments, but I'm getting better at accepting them. I find a simple, "thank you", to be sufficient for now.

Too true

Perhaps this is something for us all to try. Pick ONE of your great ideas and run with it, but please to the end. Start to finish. Show it a lot of respect!

Let us believe in our own version of AWESOME!

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