Monday, February 11, 2013

Sit down...

and enjoy YOUR blessings. Quite frankly we are all blessed in some way. In many little ways.It really is the small things that count. All the lovely little people in my life count quadruple times and I now am happy to announce that there are two more little people on the way to grace my life with their beauty and baby giggles.

I cannot wait to meet them, so I can see what their nick names will be. I have two more facelets to add to my crew of special  little faces and their mommy, my super special friend does not know just how happy she has made me, by sharing this news last week Thursday. News that made me burst into tears at 7:30am, in a full restaurant. YES!I was that crazy person, crying tears of joy, before breakfast. It felt great!!

Here's to a new week. Filled with the littlest of surprises and littlies that take up huge spaces of your heart and fill the crevices with happiness.


To Do list for the week...Actually..for LIFE!

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