Saturday, February 2, 2013

"Got Milk"

Milk goes monochromatic.

So most of those who know me, know that milk doesn't top my list of most favorurite "boissons." I usually prefer Fat Free milk, because it's like murky water and I like water, but milk not so much. Milk of the full cream variety does not pass my lips, because I truly am not keen on that milky creaminess. These days, oddly enough,my body has been hollering at me that it needs to get closer to the creaminess of milk. Why oh why? I question it not and chose to give dearest body of mine what it needs and so I have now been all about Low Fat Milk ;)

This got me thinking about some pretty awesome milk packaging I've seen. Totally random for a non milk person, but I'm a sucker for great presentation.

Back to basics. loves it

Message on a bottle

New school take on the old school. Milk man not included.

Brilliant milk jug from Here


  1. I love milk! Clover's Mmmilk (not sure about the spelling) is delicious!

  2. Ok weird - I have been drinkign so much milk lately. And only teh full cream variety. Try teh Woolies Organic full cream milk - you will never want anything else.


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