Monday, January 14, 2013

Wondering Love


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Read the fine print

That many splendid thing many say. Really been thinking about all things love related  lately. While I am rather happily single, I've been thinking a lot about this thing we call love.

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I'm a believer don't get me wrong. In that heart fluttering, melting, whole body smiling, can't stand to be without, I want to do the ordinary and mundane with you, everyday, kind of love. That's what I want and that's what I will have.

I had it once, I only half realised the treasure I had, I was young and foolish and oh so not ready for the responsibility that is someone's heart then.
As much as I relish my own space and time, I still wish to share my daily adventures with someone, to make plans, but most of all, just that all embracing hug and kiss.That genuine love though. Last year I was with a guy, who did not like kissing. Who does not like kissing?! Says a lot, and definitely just a smidgeon of an inkling as to why I left him.

In all this wondering about love, yesterday I figured out what I was giving up for Lent this year. I am giving up men who only like me on their terms. I'm a girl dammit! I deserve to be wooed and pandered to and made to feel special allthe time, not just when it suits you. So forget giving up chocolate, Smarties, shopping,  excessive grocery(I love it), I'm giving up something I seem to be doing a lot of lately, inadvertent heartbreak. My own heart. As if the darling little thing can take much more.

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A man with a hot mind can getit!

I'm actually starting now, so by the time Lent comes I'll be in full swing. As I've said previously, I'm not one for resolsutions, but Lent, that's my thing. Far more tangible an experience for me.

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There has to be a spark. Some magic.
So that's what I'm giving up. What about you?

I can be super bossy by nature,but when I'm in a loving relationship, partnership is key. So I'm going to do this massive Lenten blitz on all these boys who are all over the place about me. I will stand stoically(haha)in my corner willing someone to notice me and woo me. (not really)
The right one I deserve will appear whenever.

To quote my sage, Bailey, "It will if it must."

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