Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Great Danes and Penguins

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Happy New Year dear blog readers! One week in! Yikes! Is this another that is going to just whizz by?

Spent the first day of the year, in the ever lovely company of my darling Bailey and her ever lovely family. Great start to the year I say. Lovely Jozi storm to greet the new year, rain is always a good sign of plenty blessings I do agree. Yummy P-I-T-Y (Put It Together Yourself) fillet rolls and ever delightful company, made for a wonderful afternoon, that was filled with chatter, laughter, little baby giggles, bubbles and most of all love. Gotta love that stuff.

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So this is where my blog post title came from and sorry I won't explain it, Bailey knows about it and frankly you wouldn't really get the joke,you just had to be there.

None the less, wishing you a year that is both fantastic as it is filled with fancy flitterings of the fantastical.

I don't make resolutions. Well let's say I stopped a while back. I'm definitely more into making reservations...at restaurants I want to try out, but I digress.
I don't know if what I wanted out of 2013, all I know is that I was anxiously awaiting the end of the last year, that shall no longer be mentioned.

Looking forward to a good year.I plan to make it exceptional in fact. I am aiming to do one thing everyday that scares me. Not talking bungee jumping or something like that, the really difficult things that scare us usually don't involve jumping out of a plane attached to a balloon, it's usually things like telling someone we love, just that or confronting a difficult and awkward situation. These make jumping off a building seem like a walk in the park.

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So it's here, let's do it! Look forward to each day and your day's activities with child like enthusiasm. Happiness is a reality, don't let noone tell you different.

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Don't wait...

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  1. Great Danes and Penguins - perfect name for *something I would say. Here's is to an unforgettable 2013 T.


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