Friday, November 16, 2012


These sure are some times that I've been living, living in, living through. This year has been a challenging time, with some truly hard times, some happy times, some super LOLsies times.

I guess so...I've learnt so

I've often thought of that line, "these were the best of times and these were the worst of times," but often I've leant more to worst and worst this year. I know it sounds a little depro, but despite what seems like truly amazing stuff happening this year, I've been down and certain stuff has had me seriously down.

BUT, a but, almost as big as my own posterier (how do I spell that?), here's the thing about life, it goes on. And on and on.
Fingers crossed and hoping hard!

But it's a Friday and that in itself is totally awesome! Exams around the corner.So much to finish, before this year comes to an end.

My mind is thinking about a lot of things, about time, times and my own little learned life facts that;

  • Sometimes you don't end up with the love of your life, but you must let go so that you can meet the next love in your life
  • Sometimes doing the right thing, feels so so wrong and is so so sad
  • Sometimes new friends can know you more than your own family
  • Sometimes all you need is a late night random razzle, just because
  • Sometimes adversity teaches you far more than you learn in any university
  • Sometimes you can give people another chance to learn whatever it is you are meant to learn, even over again
  • Sometimes you cannot give someone another chance. It is not good for you
  • Sometimes, 5 amazing, heart jolting, heart warming, butterfly filled stomach days are all you get with the most wonderful man you've met in a while
  • Sometimes you meet a man who is wonderful for someone else and you must tell them the moment you realise (and that is pretty soon)
  • Sometimes (more often than not) tell someone how you feel, you might feel like a loser, but at least they know
  • Sometimes a man can look so beautiful in a suit, but don't look down, because his shoes can be so dreadful, they will still scar you to this very day (true story.still recovering)
  • Sometimes you have to let go
  • Sometimes you have to admit that you cannot do it all (still struggling with this one)
  • Sometimes you don't have to be strong
  • Sometimes just answer your phone, sit and laugh
  • Sometimes there is an awesome varsity person who you kinda used to say hi to, waiting on the other end of the line to make you say things that you haven't said, but wanted to say
  • Sometimes the guy who everyone thinks is such a "good guy", is possibly the worst specimen of man you have ever met and allowed into your life (learn this lesson quickly and leave!)
  • Sometimes, giving up is really an option. You have to choose between letting go of somethings and holding onto the right ones for you
  • Sometimes it really just is what it is
  • Sometimes 4 hours sleep is the best sleep you'll have all year and the most restful
  • Sometimes it is so wonderful to fall asleep to a great random conversation and to wake up with someone holding your hand
  • Sometimes, like now, you just really don't know what comes next...
Because life is full of surprises it so clearly seems! I'm not great with surprises, but I'm learning.

Time, the one thing that has us all a little or a lot baffled, but moveth along it does. Wishing you a weekend that is filled with the best of times. And you know...magic. If you can't do magic, just a little glitter at least.

Whatever it is, add your own sparkle to it!


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  1. Beautiful thoughts. Sending a big hug to you my wonderful, amazing friend.


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