Thursday, November 8, 2012

Catch them if you can

Getting out of here would be difficult!

I'm talking about the ever elusive zzz's! When last did I have a good night sleep? When last did you!?

Fly me away to dream land.

For the past year, I have had less sleep than all my years combined. Not prone to insomnia by nature, this year has made up for all that! G-damn!!!

So bad that I've actually put all my reservations aside and decided to take doctor's advice and his prescribed medication. So many different types of meds, I've been joking to my sister every night as I prepare for bed that I'm off to do an MJ (too soon for these jokes?).Also that she should worry if I don't call her in the morning.
So fresh, so light...Great to wake up here.

A peaceful mind, leads to a restful soul and a slightly less fitful sleep I feel. It's angst over a lot of things that has been keeping me up, a lot of things I haven't yet done or some I've left unfinished. This year I've taken over-thinking to a new level, but I need to get a lot done! It's all pressure up in hyere!!
I could do with a little sleep.

This year, I've made some interesting choices and gone through some crazy stuff, which I still put down partly to my choices. Ooh but some of that stuff has robbed me of rest!

But getting down to it, I need a good night's rest, morning's rest, afternoon nap, whatever, I need sleep. One night, uniterrupted, waking up feeling rested. To get there though, there is a lot of work to do. Because things I have not done, keep me up at night.

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