Thursday, October 11, 2012

In my sole

A lot of us running through Alex.
So I Ran Jozi again. Why of why would I have FOMO for running in the baking heat and dust of Sandton (Alex included).
Is that a mirage...oh no just a bunch of people running in the baking heat.

This was not a fun run, AT ALL! I will not tell a single lie. It was gruelling, it was torture, it was so HOT! This was definite self flagellation. I punished myself. You know that feeling when you're too far from the beginning to go back there, but also too far from the end and you're kind of in this painful middle space where you don't know which direction to go in. I chose the finish line.

Rooftops and red
It was no easy decision. This run was an assault on all my senses. Deep down into the depths of me, everything, everywear. This has been a jarring year. I guess that's the best way to explain it. And now all I had to face on the route with those steep steep hills and equally challenging downhills (WTF), was little, slightly older me. EEK!! Your soul really finds interesting ways to open up to you or show up. In this case my soul confronted me as my soles felt heavy and weary on some blazing hot tarmac.

Couldn't shake the feeling that we were intruding on people's lives and their Sunday.

I ran sole alone this time. While the first race I ran ahead and split up from my friends, this time I almost even started alone, but discovered an old friend at the start and then well he ran ahead.

Interesting juxtapositions

I've made loads of decisions this year, some more difficult than others, but I think all have been most necessary. I felt seriously alone though.Hard to imagine running with 19 999 other people, but I felt completely by myself. Totes interesting.

So here I now sit, looking back at it all. Not as shaken as I was on the day, but I think invariably open from the experience. I found my friends at the finish line which was awesome. Made new friends too, which was cool. But I was jolted to the core by the experience, which I think more and more I will realise is a good thing.

More than anything, I got a really cool medal, which proved one thing at least, I FINISHed!


  1. This account is brutally honest and fantastic for that mere fact. FOMO is seriously the only reason most of us ran #WeRunJozi. #RunJozi stole our hearts in March and clearly our common sense too, because no self-respecting runner would even consider a 9am start in Oct. We had to though. Yes, the Alex Running club beneficiary was a big plus, but most of us simply had to be there, for no other reason than than that!


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