Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wednesday Wardrobe

So I'm a little out of sorts today. Wednesday feels more like Tuesday. Gosh darn it! Gotta love public holidays on a Monday though.Ummm... upside though is that Friday, oh Friday! I see you there, just a hop and a skip away.

I work in a rather conservative office, which makes for some great, tailored dressing (even though some people's version of conservative includes low backs and DEEEP V's). I've been feeling a little jaded about my work wardrobe lately I must say. I also like to add a splash of flair to my daily duds, because well, that's just me...Quirky chic, is what I used to call the way I dress, if pressed for an answer.

Coming to work for me is often not the highlight of my day (necessary note to self, maybe this is not really the work I should be doing). However, I think it's important to dress up and show up!

Why not look good doing it too?! I'm usually the queen of heels. I can work 12cm heels for 12 hours, if not more. These days I'm more into flats, so I need to get more flats actually. THANK HEAVENS for being tall.

Midweek madness, requires a sensible, sensational wardrobe to match. This is what I'd wear today.

Pretty in a peplum

Keep out the chill in class Chanel
My version of a wonderbra!
Golden Brogues ma

Beautiful booties

Silver toe

Living my life like it's golden
The leopard and the nude pair perhaps

Make it through the day with a little Marni

Carry everything in Escada

Call on Chanel

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