Friday, September 14, 2012

Under Construction

I was redoing my floor, which then became replastering and painting a wall, which then meant painting the entire living room area and then a bit of the kitchen. WHAAAAAT?!! All those of us who've had the "joys" of having to deal with contractors know that it is all a matter of long, deep breaths and even longer spent waiting for things to get done. Loss, frustration, tears, exasperation, disbelief, total inefficiency, mind boggling time delays and just general balls - uppery!
Lovely design inspiration.Loving the framed "5"..maybe I can do this in my housie?!

But we move on and so we do. This is what this has taught me. How to step over all the stuff that no longer resembles it's original form or anything of what it might look like in teh future. So you jump over the gaping hole in your floor, the half muddied wall, you wipe your tears and face the world looking put together, when you've just seen fallen apart.

Made me really think about life lots. Mostly my life at the moment. This is what happens when people rip out a little bit of your floor and then realise once they've done that that they actually do not have the tiles that you liked, that they said they'd had when they started! Really makes one desperately philosophical. You need something to hold onto. It's weird how people tearing up bits of your home, your personal space, really messes with a person to the inner depths of the soul. Well I guess it also depends on how attached you are to your housie I guess. I super lovesies mine. So the gaping hole at my front door, felt like a monstrous personal affront.

Take only what you need!

I guess I took the opportunity, okay truth time, I was jolted into putting a big under construction sign up for my own life. Clearly I've needed a little renovating myself. Unfortunately not of the physical side, but inside, the not so easy part...I think I'm coming out on the other side of this construction side as shiny as my new floor, and as versatile as my new chalkboard painted wall in parts.

As I sit at my desk at work, feeling very light hearted and smiley, looking at the sky trying to decide whether it wants to be blue, dusky, a little grey, speckled with white whisps of cloud, I'm thinking dear sky, why decide. Do what your heart desires and go where your whims take you. We're allowed aren't we?!

So that's what I wish all of you this weekend. Go where you whims take you. Let the Universe take your hand and allow it show you the magic and share it. Enjoy the sunshine and do happy all the way through to the depths of your heart.

T xx

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