Thursday, September 20, 2012


This thing of beauty that is my most recent hand bag discovery! Eeek! Those who know me know. Shoes, well they are foot coverings to me. Clothes, yeah they have their merits and purpose. Jewellery, yes, sparkly and swanky. BUT bags thou art my true wardrobe love!

May I send out a huge big shout out to the crazy, cool, focused, insightful peeps at CELINE who have clearly taken the time to scan my dreams and create this bag of beauty.

I present to you, the item I now covet:

Trapeze in Drummed Calfskin Black
Can I have a deep sigh, a raucous round of applause, standing ovation and just a quiet moment of reflection on this beaut. I love it in more ways than I have words. Afraid to know the price, because how many months or years of saving would it require. WISHLIST, Item 1!

CELINE seems to be on a roll this Fall 2012 collection. Have a look at these other bags that have me saying, "I definitely would."

Classic Medium Flap Bag in Pony Royal Blue

Classic Medium Flap Bag in Pony Emerald

Classic Medium Flap Bag in Spazzolato Calfskin Dark Green

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