Tuesday, September 11, 2012


What is that? The pitter patter of little tootsies I hear?!

Insert, huge GRIN here! I am so happy! MY FRIEND IS PREGGIES!! Aaah!! That's  all I can say. Well that and I can now say that I shed a little tear or two of joy as I drove to my office this morning. Delightful way to start my day. Yaysies!

I cannot wait! Those who know me, know I love babies, A LOT!! They're my favourite version of people. So now one of my fave friends is having a baby, this works out pretty well for me I'd say. Aunty spoiling is my thingsies!I was sitting across from her wondering why she now has these beautiful, bountiful boobies and her hair is all shiny, my my, what a wonderful mad scientist God is, making little people and letting them grow in mommy's tummy. Loving it!

Best news of  the day, so thought I'd just share the joy.

True story

Have an awesome one, and to my lovely preggies friend (you know who you are), CONGRATULATIONS!! This is going to be awesome!

Here's to a wonderful adventure.


  1. EEEEK! So excited for our lovely friend too! Can't wait. (Ps. love that first onesie!) xxx

  2. What a wonderful post!!! Especially if one can be on the receiving end of all such happiness! xoxo


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