Friday, August 17, 2012

Thoughts on a Friday

Relaxed Friday chilled wardrobe...Desired duds and a big bag for my baggage

What can I say about my life these days. I can sum it up in a few words, Life has been full.

My head has been full, my heart too has been full and there has been lots of wondering about life, love and everything and sometimes everyone else.
Interesting observation Mr Einstein

For a routine lover such as myself, this year speeding by so fast has really just unsettled me a little. This had me thinking about things that unsettle me that  I've failed to admit to myself or actually just plain avoided.

I'm thinking a lot these days.Actual I've always been a thinker, sometimes to my own detriment.Over thinking = over analyzing = OVERwhelming anxiety! Such is the story of my life.

But how? Is there a fool proof recipe we can follow?

I've been wondering about beginnings and endings. More particularly about the endings. Were they really the end? What does that mean. I think, I am too scared to actually admit that in some cases I may have some unfinished business (*insert *sad, scared, defeated, unsure, anxious, hesitant face here). I came to a startling realisation that in thinking I'd let someone go, all I'd really done was block and feelings towards them out with an inordinate amount of deserved anger and rage. That's not letting go, that's just being hurt and angry. So when does the letting go start? Can it be done? Do I have to do it? Does the period expire? WOW!

Who knows? As yet I don't know,but I guess I'll have to work it out.

Going into the weekend, my head is full, but I know there is stuff I have to work through. Or just relaxing, breathing through it, taking it easy and not getting so bent out of shape.Yep I can say this now, but the reality is different. Truth be told there is some stuff I need to figure out.

So as we go into a beautiful sunny weekend, seeing out the last ends of Jozi winter, I wish you all dear blog readers of mine (the few of you who are so kind to read my ramblings) a wonderful weekend. And whatever troubles or epiphanies you discover, I wish you all the intrepid adventure of FIGURING IT OUT!

I cannot even begin to describe how this just spoke to me.

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