Friday, July 6, 2012

Travel tripping

My body, SOUL, every inch of me is craving and in need of a long haul flight! This year I have been very lucky to be blessed with some super AWESOME roadtrips this year which were absolutely amazing! Nothing like a little  roadtripping, but then there's something about Euro - tripping which adds just that extra sparkle to life.

Tick !

I'm exhausted :( Sleep has evaded me for almost 3 weeks now, but anxiety has taken up almost permanent residence in my body! Went to the doctor today, it seems a crutch of the medicinal kind will be needed to tide me through this tough time. However I think I could do with a big injection of Euro air! Forget the crisis, I just want the cobbled streets, the busy pavements and the trams!

Even better stroll through those cobbled streets with the one who fills my heart with love, excitement, wonderment and joy.


Nothing like cross checked doors and attendants pointing to your  nearest exit to make life a little more LIVEly!

Have passport will travel. Hoping you all have amazing travels wherever you choose to venture in this many splendid thing we call life.

Need this for when my bags are packed!

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