Saturday, June 16, 2012

Top of the morning...

Mornings are my favourite time of the day! It goes without saying. The air is fresher, day is brighter, crisp, clear air, minds, heart,that angst, anticipation and gratitude to get to start again.

The air is heavy with hope, belief and faith in the morning. Though some mornings, I am the first to admit, it's just HEAVY!Skip the hope, skip the faith, skip everything and just bring on the duvet!Cover me, I'm NOT going in!

I'm not a night owl I have to admit. I generally love mornings, but these days mornings are just getting harder to find my usual enthusiasm or "Hamas" as they say in arabic. New job, new schedule and that old enemy pro to the crastination seems to be rearing it's not so pretty head. Perhaps I need to adjust to the new routine, um maybe I should set up a new routine first.

I find that my mornings really do set the tone for the rest of my day. The less rushed and frenetic the better.
It takes a lot of this.

The next few mornings will be spent prepping, stressing and writing exams. Yikes!

I read this article this morning, thanks to Linkedin. It's titled What most successful people do before breakfast. It really got me thinking, I am wasting a lot of precious time before breakfast and I have a lot to do and a lot more I would like to do and get done. So time to take back my mornings!

Wishing you a glorious weekend filled with lovely, lazy, languid morning rituals, but spare a thought for how you can make your mornings work for you!

The only way to get things done and form great new habits!

Here's to top mornings! xx

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