Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday Musings

This is definitely what I need to hear today. Lately, in fact. This will be my life. I've been feeling, in part, a bit doldrummy (not fully down, but not super amped about certain things.) This really resonated with me. Thank you Bailey for pinning this.

Really a great way to live life and I'm going to start right now today. Want to see maybe there is something small I can do in my house.The truth though is this extends far beyond the tangible, but rather into EVERYTHING I do.

Interesting story, Elsie De Wolfe, who said this, according to The New Yorker, she is credited to have invented interior design as a profession.

That has prompted me to really think about sorting out my home office. Here are some of my thoughts below.
Dream Space 1.

Yes.Like this too.not sure it would work.

LOVING the colour.

I think I may have inappropriate dreams about this desk. BEAUTIFUL.

Here's to making our lives beautiful!

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