Monday, May 7, 2012

Day 1

Apple inspirational quotation given on the first day of work!

It's the first full week of work for most of us Saffers! Yikes! For some of us first full week of work in a long while. This getting back to work and into the work swing of things seems to be top of mind for most of us.

I see Bury & Discover was a little more in job seeker mode today. Clearly work is on the brain. Here's hoping we find work that we want to wake up everyday and do. Passion, peace, excitement, brain power, anticipation, anxiety, chuckles, green tea...all ingredients to the great work potient.

So to those of us getting back to work after the the many weeks of breaks, starting new career adventures much like myself,all I have to say to that is a big, fat YAYSIES!!

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