Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tasty Tuesday

Not my kitchen, but a girl can dream. I do have a window though.

The air in Joho is getting crisper and crisper by the day and getting up from under a warm fluffy duvet is even more difficult. The kitchen is so far away when you think of making breakfast before you start your day and unlike the old days with those lovely stoves that used to heat up the whole house, I'm more prone to scurrying to my kitchen on my frozen tip toes.

The thing is about this weather. It makes you hungry. Moreover for me, it makes me want to be in my kitchen, firstly to make it warm,but mostly to make food that will warm my body and soul and the ones I love.

Almost always.

Most people think it's the weather for soups and stews, all that warmth and slow cooking. I agree, on the slow cooking part. As my family and my dear friend Bailey can attest to, I'm not a big fan of eating neither soup nor stew, but boy do I love making them. The anomale that is I. Last year, I perfected butternut soup, servedwith buttered sage, this year, I have a new soup d'hiver ("winter" in french) that I want to turn into my tatsy master piece. Roast tomatoe and roast pepper soup. Yummy! I love the smell.Lots of fresh basil, the sweetness of the peppers, the tomatoes, the hint of balsamic vinegar..And it has the right consistency. Maybe, just maybe, this will be my first forray into actually eating soup. Just maybe...

So that's what I'll be trying tonight. I see leeks are now in season.Oh good goodness, that means more interesting recipes, with yummy leeks in.

My friend I haven't seen in ages is coming for dinner tomorrow.He's a 6ft4 African man! So it's meat and potatoes tomorrow. MaybeI'll sautee leeks and potatoes! To go with the rosemary and garlic marinaded steak.

Potatoes with everything! Yum-O!

As I seem to be getting quite into this Meet Free Mondays thing, Miss Matlala would be proud of her influence I think, the rest of the week is my foodie playground. I wish I could commit to a weekly blog feature on all things yummy food related on Tuesdays, but I'm a little committment phobic at the moment. (hides face in shame)

What wonderful winter delights will you be cooking up this winter or actually just in general?

Stay awesome. Keep it tasty!


  1. Soup features regularly on our winter menu. Can't wait to try yours (tomatoes and red pepper - nyum nyum!) x

  2. You've made me hungry-again! I want to try to make brioche..warm carbs, yes puhlease!

  3. ooh warm carbs.With a dollop of butter!Yummy! Ooh please pass on the brioche recipe...would love to try.


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