Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Gotta keep it moving kids!

So I'm not fooled. April is here! Wow! Where did the year go? Feels like it's only starting now quite frankly. Maybe it's because I'm letting stuff go. Not all bad. Mostly scary and nerve wracking, but I like to tell myself I'm making space for  the AMAZING.

So much I want to do. I SO DESPERATELY miss writing and being in that space, where I'm delighted by the magic of putting words together. So venturing into exploring that again.

More than that I'm starting to have some real conversations with myself and see what I like and what I want to do again, so I'm consequently getting myself into this vortex of inspiration almost. A little bit of Awesome I'd say. Lots of awe too! So much in this little ol' head of mine.

What I'm exploring a lot is being brave. If you want something, there is nothing, but to go for it. SO MUCH easier said than done, but SO MUCH LESS scary when you actually just do it.And how quickly it gets done might I add. Most of all, how that initial fear just dissipates with each exploratory, adventurous, bold step. Whatever the answer is ultimately, you'll have an answer and it will  never be I DON'T KNOW or I WONDER. (something to ponder, just a little bit).

There are so many of us taking great, bold steps at the moment to follow our dreams and I wish us all the best fun on our separate adventures and may we continue to go boldly in on all our intrepid adventures.And may the universe wholly conspire to help us reach all our deepest desires. Help the universe along though and get moving!

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