Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mind what matters

Thank you Anthea for cool pic of our medals.
So I would sleep with this around my neck tonight,were it not so heavy!Yeah medals are heavy probably why they give them out at home time.Makes people head to their cars faster! haha!!

So I got a medal...Yep I was wearing this around my neck for the better part of this evening. (WINNING in my own right, is very hard to get accustomed to), the disbelief still has not really settled.

I RAN Jozi! Not walked as I feared I might, but my feet were moving beneath me at an interesting shuffling pace, that others might call an easy run. Don't get it twisted, there was some shame faced walking involved, but it was speed walking and I'm almost certain I lapped some runners during these spurts.There was no way in my current misshape that I could ever tackle a hill the size of the one we encountered in HILLbrow(oh yes I did)!

As I write this, I am euphoric. So much so that this Euphoria is keeping me up! Not upset at all, very happy and am waiting for the feeling of shocked and amazed at my feat to subside and be replaced with pride.

RUN JOZI that's what I've just done! Yikes me?! Not a runner at all. So I've been told, mostly by myself. I'd comfort myself often by saying, you know well, I was a sprinter,so long distances I don't do. I only run when chased, yes that would have been me.You know they say runners hit a wall at some point in their race.Well I had put up a huge wall at the starting line. Big problem, how would I ever get out of the starting block? But I did!In my lumo yellow shirt.(Wow this is a day of firsts for me, I never wear yellow,it's not my colour.) It felt very different, magical, amazing, inspired, inspiring, all out amazing, because, I, moi had made it to 6kms with little to no walking. WHAAAT?!!

It's amazing,it's all in your head.It's all in the mind.All these matters that trouble us, are encased in our grey matter.Changing our thoughts, really does change our actions.The right thoughts, positive, nourishing, accomplished, real,directional, promising thoughts.Theses are propellers.I can vouch for this, my feet were moving. So much so that I finished my first 10km(10.71km ACTUALLY) race EVER in 87minutes.That's super amazeballs to me!

To all who organised this race.AMAZING is an understatement!Great organisation, great people running and great setting, though that you found there. Thank you for reminding us, that Jozi is truly our City of Gold. And we don't mean the kind that sits in vaults!

An amazing group of J-residents took to the streets today.Took back their streets, got to know them again.You could see the nostalgia on some faces and the sheer wonder on others.This is our city, ain't no place like it. Great to see our big city lights or to whizz past them at any rate. (Okay sometimes not so whizzy)!

So thank you Nike and Run Jozi, all the fellow runners, Jozi!! While they say we took back the streets, I think,tonight, while I ran through Bree, Commissioner, all these streets; these streets brought me to me!


  1. YOU ARE AMAZING!!! i am sooooo impressed and proud and jealous! I wish I had the whatever-it-is-you-have to run the race, i really wanna gun for it....thanks for being inspiring! <3

  2. Jealous that I didn't do it!! Inspiring my dear friend!


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