Monday, March 12, 2012


Not the South African kind! It's my own acronym for Busy Everywhere (with) Everything! I am so tired of being busy. So tired of that damn word. Everyone is always so busy? They have no time. We are all often rushing here, rushing there, everywhere.Taking no time to be still and savour anything, from food to the simple blissful moments at any given point in the day. Oh and I have friends, one in particular, who uses busy as his excuse for everything.Aah sorry I couldn't answer your message that you sent me last MONTH. because I was busy?! Really?! And I'm not busy, I sit around, just bombarding my friends with random smses asking how they are?!Grr! So annoying.

So how busy are you? Do you also have the B.E.E ailment? These days it's seemingly contagious.Something in our special bottled water perhaps.So busy,yet living so much less and getting even less done.This is not necessarily getting less done as in quantity, but depth and quality of task.How much attention and precision and even care is given to each task, when we are doing everything and rushing everywhere. Not quite as much attention to detail as we think hey?

Reading this article from the Wall Street Journal , asking "Are you as busy as you think?" (good question) really got my mind thinking about this. Also it reminded me of an episode of Grey's Anatomy where Dr Bailey said something along the lines of, "You can't do everything and be everything to everyone." Really makes you think hey?

Important lesson I needed to and probably still need to learn. It's okay not to take it all on.Why would you really want to anyway?! Take on what you can do and leave time, a lot of it, to live!

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