Tuesday, January 3, 2012

5 spoons of oats and 8 raisins

Pearls of wisdom from my older sis.This is her recipe for how to get skinny in no time.Subsist on this diet of 5 spoons of oats and 8 raisins she reckons will do the trick. Well that was my chuckle for the morning and gave me inspiration for my blog post!

wonder what my sister would think of this breakfast

It's a new year! Wowsers! Really?! Already?! So...last year is over? Really?!Okay!Goodbye and welcome 2012! I think I'll embrace a diet that is full of chuckles for this year (both the tummy tickling kind and the yummy kind from Woolworths). Those 8 raisins can come, covered in milk chocolate!Yumsies!
Calling a Spade...

Here's wishing you an awesome year. I had a December filled with wonderful surprises. In short it was magic of the exponentially heart warming kind. Add that to my 2012 diet too, thanks!

Here's to a marvelously magical year, filled with moments that take your breath away and make you infinitely grateful and certain that it is indeed a beautiful life! Despite the hard times, make sure it's worth it!

So much to do this year...what are your plans?! Go out and do it!

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