Monday, December 19, 2011

Summer stirrings

Ella Fitzgerald "I've got a crush on you"

It's in the air. Fun times, sunshine, happiness, relaxing, and maybe a little romance and mischief perhaps?! Ever heard people say summer is the time for love or maybe is it lust.

But some summery romance seems to be something that most people have in mind at this time of the year,albeit fleeting in some instances.

 Dinah Washington "Love Walked In"

It's that time of the year when I'm noticing there are a lot of interesting stirrings of the love kind. Crushes if you want.Many probably began over glasses with crushed ice, but wait, I digress. People around me seem to be getting that festive feeling.I, for one am loving the look of it all. Some of the most cynical people I know are talking about hand holding and sultry kisses, and cute little personal quirks of their intimate interest. 

Ooh what fun. Lots of smiles. Giggles a plenty.Lots of staring at the floor, because looking up at the object of your affection, is well just plain awkward and you might fall over because they are far more beautiful up close than you remember.Oh wait or may you might just be tempted to kiss them...again!Who knows...when sparks fly, who knows what will happen?!

Perfect outfit for flirting poolside perhaps?!

Ooh the joys of these summer stirrings. Got to love it! It's in the air, breathe in as much as possible.

The joys of both.

Reasons we love summer.

Today's post is doubly inspired by these sultry tunes and the discovery or rediscovery of these beautiful songs.Perfect beats for balmy days filled with those stirrings, possibly of the butterfly kind (insert wink here)

Nat King Cole "Let's Fall in Love"

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